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WireWrapped Gemstone Pendant xTWO


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two pendants   the first pendant his the purple one the gemstone his AMETHYST colours purple to lavender and can be found in many different countries like uruguay east africa etc .this sacred stone his very strong protective stone and very high vibrational spiritual vibrations and protects against psychic attack and can help too transmute the bad vibes and energy into love and better feelings and vibes and just creates a better positive loving energy with you and around you .also it helps with balancing our own emotions and bringing a more centered you .it also about higher realms and the third eye chakra this stone his a very spiritual stone and helps with connecting too these levels and realms .it also connects the emotional physical mental bodies and brings more balance between them all and connects them all too the spiritual and also cleans protects and cleanses the aura.by transmuting negative energies and vibes and helps with the crown throat chakras ilove this sacred stone and its colours .ihave wrapped this stone in rose copper pinkish colour wire and softer .the second pendant here his SODALITE beautiful blue coloured stone and can be found in many places around the world like france and greenland etc this stone his good to help the mind and promotes clear thoughts and rational outcome.this stone his also good for clearing electromagnetic pollutions and can be placed near to computers and things like this to help clear the polluting things.and also helps with the throat chakra .this pendant has been wrapped with copper silver wire the copper will help exspand the energies and charge the stone the silver will bring more coonection too the luna cycles and the elements of water and the moon energies


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