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BEAUTIFUL OAK AND GARNET QUARTZ WITH SUNSTONE HEART WRAPPED WITH COPPER WIRE SILVER PLATED.This his a beautiful oak wand ,oak his for strength and wisdom and the clear quartz point for clarity and helps you focus and good for healing work .AND the RED GARNET his good for love,and heart energy,and helps sexualityand it governs anger esp towards self.Plus also on this wand his sun stone heart what his linked too luck and good fortune it clears and energises all chakras and also instills good nature.heightens intuition and allows the real self too shine through happily.it  dissipates fearfulness,alleviates stress andincreases vitality.this sacred wand his wrapped with copper wire silver plated which helps exspand the whole energies within this wand

length : 15.5 cm

width : 1.5cm too 2.5cm

wire used : 0.80mm copper wire silver plated

wire used :0.40mm copper wire silver plated



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