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Sacred Red Horse Red Jasper And Wire Wrapped SOLD item


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Sacred wired wrapped red jasper horse.when i made this sacred RED JASPER wire wrapped horse ised many red jasper stones and wrapped them with copper silver wire too exspand its energy .The red jasper his good for grounding energies and heals rectifies unjust situations it all brings out problems into the light before they become too big to deal with and provides help and insights and calms the emotions .good for dream recall it also his the too do with the base chakra and helps with the rebirthing process,its also cleans cleanses the aura and strengthens your boundaries and sacred space .a good stone for health and helps with blood liver and movement and removes blockages .in some traditions the sacred red horse would be in the position of the south on the medicine wheel because i have used red jasper and the colour red also its a earthy stone connects you to base and earth  and also  about power too but also about sensual energies and the inner child too !


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