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Beautiful Sacred White horse


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SACRED WHITE HORSE WIRE WRAPPED WITH SILVER PLATED COPPER WIRE WITH HOWLITE CRYSTALS .HOWLITE can be found in united states of america and comes in many colours like white,blue,green,and his a very calming stone and helps too awaken your connections with your past lives and focusing with howlite it can connect you too other times and dimensions .PLUS i made this sacred white horse with white howlite and copper silver plated wire ,so the power of horse medicine will come through and the colour white of purity and peace and in some traditions the sacred white horse sits in the position of the north gate within the sacred medicine wheel ,the place of the ancestors .

length:20.5 cm

width:9cm too 15 cm

crystals ,gemstone used (16 stones)howlite

wire used :copper silver plated 0.80 mm



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